Friday, May 29, 2015

She's Planted...Properly!

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A small group gathered today to learn more about trees and shrubs -- why to plant them, where to plant them, how to plant them, and more.  We missed many of the usual attendees at Willow Garden Club programs, but figure they were busy working in their own gardens on this beautiful day in Willow!   The information from arborist  Pat Joyner was excellent, as is that in the handouts she provided.

Following the meeting a beautiful tree was planted in the Willow Library Garden, which is maintained by the Willow Garden Club.  Pause as you go in and out of the Community Center to see how this new beauty is doing, and appreciate the efforts that Garden Club members put into providing this jewel of a garden for all to enjoy.

Select your tree carefully noting form and root system. Spread the roots; plant in a shallow, sloped hole; water.
On another note, several Garden Club members are donating plants to the Grow Your Library fundraiser being held this Saturday, May 30, in conjunction with the Willow Art Studio Tour. Thanks to these members for supporting the Library once again and for making plants available to others in an effort to further beautify Willow! 

Happy gardening! 

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