Friday, September 18, 2015

Vase Making With Porcelain is next!

The Harvest Dinner was a small gathering of folks, delicious food, and productive discussion.  The meeting focused on recruiting members to commit to committees and to assume leadership roles in WGC. It takes time, talent, and dedication to keep the Club's many activities and programs moving forward and it appears there are new and returning gardeners willing to commit for 2016.  It also appears that there is still plenty of room on the "organizational chart" for additional volunteers, so if you missed out on the opportunity to sign up at the dinner, please don't miss out on signing up for committee work with your friends and fellow gardeners.  Where will you help?

Next Event:  Vase Making With Porcelain -- Thursday, October 15 
One group will meet 10-1; a different group will meet 2-5.

This event is at WillowAK Pottery on Shirley Lake. The workshop will include a demo, instruction, and time for you to create a porcelain vase which eventually will be fired, glazed, and fired again. Come with your ideas and expect a fun half-day in the studio. Club members have priority until Oct. 10 securing their registration with a $30 fee for materials and processing. Checks should be made to Willow Garden Club. Hopefully you'll end up with a piece you like and have a good time creating it!

For additional info and registration, send a message to Carol Goltz at

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Harvest Dinner Flyer

Have you marked your calendar?  Invited a friend and/or neighbor to join you?   If you have any questions about this event for all of Willow, please get in touch:

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Harvest Dinner for Community -- Thursday, Sept. 17

This is a community-wide event for sharing all things "harvested" -- and for a good time.  It's a potluck and it is free.

Following the dinner will be the annual Willow Garden Club meeting focusing on an opportunity for members and potential members to consider where they'd like to volunteer with Club activities in 2016. Hopefully all will see a spot where they could be of help in keeping Willow Garden Club alive and well in the community. Please give some thought ahead of time to where your interests and talents would best fit. 

The more the merrier at the Harvest Dinner! Please extend an invitation to neighbors and other friends. If you didn't harvest something to bring to the potluck, bring what someone else grew, shot, caught, or picked.  It will all work out!

Visit this blog again soon and you'll find a flyer about the event.  This is simply a preliminary "heads up" message so you save Sept. 17 for the Harvest Dinner,  a potluck organized by the Willow Garden Club.