Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Clean Up Of Library Gardens

Back row: Brenda and Kathy; Front row: Jean, Cindy, and Vivian

These Willow Garden Club ladies left their own gardens to clean up and prepare the gardens outside the Willow Library. Another work session is scheduled for Saturday, June 1, at 10:00, so if you see a way to come help for a couple hours or less, that would be wonderful.  Please bring your gloves and your community service spirit.  The more hands at work, the sooner the garden will be planted and ready for a wonderful growing season!  Look at those beautiful smiles.  It must be fun!

Questions or comments?  Please send them to

THANKS for considering this request for volunteers.  You'll probably learn some good gardening tips in the process, and your help will be greatly appreciated by the Willow community members who enjoy the beauty of these gardens when entering and leaving our Community Center.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Solstice Tea ... Mark Your Calendar ... June 21

YOU are cordially invited to the Willow Garden Club Annual Solstice Tea.  Date:  June 21, 2014. 
Dagmar Hess is hosting the Tea this year.  It will be lots of fun for all!   RSVP is required for this event.  

Mark your calendar and RSVP to reserve your place at the Solstice Tea! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Self-Watering Bucket Workshop - Report

On a beautiful day in a lakeside setting, Jen Schrage provided fine instructions and a demo to guide us through the process of making self-watering buckets for plants.  After about an hour of drilling holes, cutting holes, putting together parts and pieces, we each had a special, modified, five-gallon bucket to take home.  Good activity -- good conversation -- and a good time thanks to Jen, Frank, and whoever else helped set up and deliver the workshop!

Nancy and Joan drilling holes in their buckets
Following the workshop, a short business meeting was held to address some upcoming events.  Willow Garden Club members receive detailed minutes, via e-mail, of meetings and handouts from presenters, when permission is granted.

Here's what we're looking forward to soon:

•  Solstice Tea  on June 21 at Florence Lake. To help cover expenses for this lovely event,  members will pay $5 and non-members and guests $8.  
•   Willow Garden Tour on July 26.  Folks come from afar to visit showcased gardens in the morning (10:00-11:30) and afternoon (1:00-4:00). From 11:30 - 1:00 gardens will be closed and the group will gather at Nancy Lake to enjoy conversation and whatever lunch they've packed for the day's outing. Maps will be provided at 10:00 at the Community Center. Some plants will be available for purchase.  The Garden Tour is free to all.
•  General Membership Meeting in August.  Date yet to be confirmed for a planning session.  Will be posted here later.
•  Stepping Stone Workshop on August 21  More details will be provided closer to the date.

These events are open to all who are interested.  Membership in the Willow Garden Club is only $10 a year and we welcome new members at any time. The programs provided by the Club are interesting, educational, and helpful in beautifying our community.  Join us!  Please feel free to send any questions you may have to:

The Bucket Ladies  -- 16 in all -- having a good time!

Our photographer and Jen's assistant -- Frank!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Library Garden Clean-Up May 10

 Volunteers are needed for Willow Library clean-up on Saturday.

Reminder to all:

We'll be meeting at 10 AM on Saturday, May 10, for what looks like a down and dirty clean-up of our much-improved Library Garden. I'll be bringing gloves, clippers and loppers. We have quite a few tools in the gardening shed. Leaf rakes and trowels are always handy. Bring yourself + bug dope? We usually work for 2 hours, with amazing results.

We have purchase orders for whatever plants and bushes you'd like to plant in your chosen bed.  See you there.

Vivian Munsen

Monday, May 5, 2014

Reminder: May 15 Workshop

Don't forget to register for the May 15 workshop on making self-watering buckets!  All supplies are included and the details are available on the workshop flyer sent earlier to all WGC members, as well as on those posted around town -- post office, community center, Newmans, school, and elsewhere. If you'd like a flyer sent to you, please leave your email address in the comment field and we'll send one to that account.

Willow weather has been GREAT!  Hope you're enjoying it and not working TOO hard on your gardening quite yet, although I'm sure those of you with greenhouses have been at it awhile.

How does your garden grow?  Would some self-watering buckets be of help?