Friday, February 5, 2016

Thinking Ahead...Willow Garden Tour!

Your club is looking for entries in the Annual Willow Garden Tour.  Do you have a gardening neighbor/friend or have you spotted a garden that could be included in the Tour?  Entries can be a traditional flower collection, unusual landscape design, vegetables, container gardening or even a greenhouse.  How about a WIP (work in progress) that we could follow up the next year?

We need to start NOW.  Send us names/numbers/location.

Bet you're thinking about gardening. Doubt you'd be here reading the blog if you were not!  We have another weekend of Willow Carnival, then Valentine's Day, Iditarod, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, April Fools Day,  Earth Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and whatever else you may celebrate between now and Summer Gardening!!  Enjoy ... and do offer ideas of properties to visit during  the Willow Garden Tour.
Before long, you'll start hearing about some fine programs and activities planned for Willow Garden Club 2016.