Saturday, July 14, 2018

Details about the WGC Plant Sale and Garden Tour

This is a July 14 update on details about the 2018 WGC Plant Sale and Garden Tour.

Willow Garden Club Plant Sale


WHERE:  Willow Community Center.

WHEN:  Saturday, July 28, 2018 - Receive members’ plants @ 8 AM.  Sale begins @ 9 AM. Tour begins @ 10 AM.  Unsold plants will be moved by club volunteers to continue sale at the lunch location (Gonzalez home).

  • You must be a member of WGC to sell plants
  • When bringing plants to sell, sign in with contact information
  • Each plant has 2 tags. YELLOW tag is marked with price and seller name. BLUE tag identifies the plant. Official blue and yellow tags are available by contacting Ronda Michael  @ 495-0291.  Use only these tags
  • Return unused tags to WGC

  • Price is set by the seller in whole dollar increments (see guidelines below).
  • Seller will receive 75% of price , WGC receives 25%.
  • Plants without price tag (YELLOW). Cashier will assign price and 100% goes to WGC
  • There will be no dickering.  NO ONE can change the price set by the seller.
  • WGC has the right to quarantine or refuse plants for quality control
  • Unsold plants must be picked no later than 5 PM July 28 at lunch spot (Gonzalez) after which they will be donated


Roughly $1 per inch of pot i.e. 4” pot, $4 etc.  Flats of strawberry starts rather than individual plants $12- $15 depending on number and size.  Whole dollar increments only.

Questions?  Contact Ronda Michael @ 495-0291
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Willow Garden Club Garden Tour


Monday, November 6, 2017

November Wishes...and a Site to Visit

As previously announced, there is not a WGC program in November, but there are many wishes sent your way that you enjoy a special Thanksgiving.  We all have things for which to be thankful -- and can do things which will help others to be thankful.

Here's something to be appreciated:  a beautiful memory of last summer's Willow Garden Club Tour, which is captured in a blog named Dust Bunnies and Dog Toys.  Jenna provides the gift of photos and text that give an "online" tour for all.   If you visit the site, we think you'll be glad that you did!  Thank you, Jenna!

Thanksgiving greetings and best wishes to all.