Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vase-Making Workshop -- We Did It Oct. 15

In November there is not a Willow Garden Club event -- it's our month of rest, supposedly.  Please come back soon to see details on the December event, which is likely to be a workshop to create holiday topiaries.  What fun that will be!

Speaking of fun, we had some on Oct. 15 at the Vase-Making Workshop.

For most participants it was a first experience of working with porcelain. For others, it was returning to an activity they had done loooooooong ago and they wanted to see how they liked it as an adult.  Lots of experimenting, discovering, visiting, and even chuckling along the way.

After wedging the clay and being advised of a few studio protocols and porcelain characteristics, the potters began their work.  Clay was rolled into slabs, cut, altered, compressed, attached, stamped, and compressed some more before being covered lightly to begin a slow drying process. 

The morning group focused on vases -- some tall and thin, others short and asymetrical.  The afternoon potters made vases, some bowls, small plates, cookie stamps, garden stakes, sugar keepers, and even a spoon rest.  Workshop pieces have been bisque fired and are currently at this stage of the process:

Beautiful in white .  These were fired in the kiln for 20 hours and 19 minutes.
A few photos will help share the activity
-- but they do not tell it all. Glazing and another firing are yet to come. 

She's ready and rarin' to go!

It's good to have smart phones and buddies.
All smiles -- and rested after the gardening season?

She's thinking it through.
Yes, there was supervision.

Watching from afar when her work was done.
 If others have photos of the clay day to share, please send them to Carol.  Hopefully we'll get pictures of the potters and their pots once the pieces are ready to go home.

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New officers were determined in October and those attending the Harvest Dinner signed up to serve on committees.  There's still room for more members, more volunteer help, and more learning and fun in the Willow Garden Club.  We'd love to hear from you!!