Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Carving Workshop

Scott Thompson of Willow Creek Studio has kindly agreed to do a pumpkin carving mini-workshop for a handful of folks on Saturday, Oct. 25, at 1:00.   Highlights from his message:

Basically, the troops need a small, sharp X-Acto knife-type blade, a large spoon, a Sharpie pen, a small spoon.... and any chisels or other sharp tools they like. They should bring a classic round pumpkin at least 15" in diameter, and I will help them layout a basic face.   Then they can follow along. 4-7 students would be fine.

If you have questions or would like to be a participant, please call Carol Goltz (360-3696) or send her email.  We'll be carving indoors at Willow Creek Studio, mile 69.5 on the Parks Hwy.  Remember to bring a LARGE pumpkin and sharp tools for carving and scooping.

When we reach seven participants, I'll post a message here saying the workshop is full.

Update:  A good time, some awesome pumpkins, and a fine, patient, instructor!  Thanks to Scott and Joan Thompson at Willow Creek Studio. To see the participants in action -- and their pumpkins -- check out

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