Friday, September 19, 2014

Reporting on the Harvest Dinner -- and Shirts!

It was a fun evening. If you weren't with us for the Harvest Dinner last night, we hope you will join us for this enjoyable event next fall.  Help us spread the word that this is a community event, not one limited to Willow Garden Club members.  In addition to sharing a WONDERFUL meal, thanks to all who attended, here's what happened:

• Tomato tasting -- as an introduction to an upcoming program about growing tomatoes and peppers in Alaska.  Samples of various varieties were provided for tasting -- and folks did have their preferences!  Stay tuned for more about the WGC program about tomatoes and peppers!

• Marsha reviewed recent Willow Garden Club programs/events, and presented a photo book to Dagmar to thank her for the fine Solstice Tea she hosted during the summer.  The book is a compilation of photos from that event, capturing the elegant foods, attire, and decor. 'Twas a rainy day, but that did not seem to drench the enthusiasm of attendees.  Next year -- sunshine.

• Cindy thanked the many people who made the Willow Garden Club Tour another fine experience in late July, with a special thanks to Les Brake for sharing Coyote Garden and for his ongoing support for Willow Garden Club in so many ways. The club is interested in hearing about Willow gardens to feature in the 2015 tour -- flower gardens and/or vegetable gardens.

Carol showed and sold gardening aprons made by Linda Schwankl and also announced that Scott Thompson, Willow Creek Studio, has agreed to do an informal pumpkin carving activity with a small group of interested teens/adults. If interested in a pumpkin carving lesson with Scott, probably some Saturday in October, please let us know.

Jen showed the two design options (tractor or watering can) for Willow Garden Club denim shirts  -- available in sizes small through 6X for men and small through 4X for women.  Cost is $45 per shirt and checks should be made out to Willow Garden Club.  For the time being, orders can be placed via a message to Carol.  To see the two design options, scroll down to the Sept. 18 blog posting.

• Anne introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Deb Blaylock, who presented a narrated slide show on growing garlic in Alaska.   Deb shared images, research, experience, resources, and samples during her presentation.  Bet we'll see more garlic in local gardens next summer!

Join us for the next Willow Garden Club event on October 16. 
Presentation “The Best of the Best: Astilbes, Lilies, and Other Gems”

"The Willow Garden Club is an independent organization with everyone welcome to attend.  Our club goal is to have fun while we educate ourselves on all aspects of gardening in Alaska."

Check out previous blog postings to see what we do to help fulfill our mission!  

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